Positive Software Price List



Services Prices Notes
Regular Support Priority Support
License 4.50$ 4.50$ One-time, per account;
purchased in packs of 25 accounts
Installation 95$ 95$ Fixed, non-refundable fee
Updates and Support for 1 year FREE FREE  
after 1 year 20% 20% Of the total licensing fee per year
Upgrade Services
(H-Sphere, system packages)
25$ FREE Per hour
both IP and Server
one-server 75$ FREE Per server,
urgently or at unsupported hours - double price
complex 110$ FREE
custom software
(i.e. custom webmail, urchin, merchant gateways)
25$ 25$ Additional, per hour
Supported packages installation/update
(e.g. EasyApp, PostgreSQL)
25$ FREE Per hour
Software recompilation
(determined by our docs)
25$ FREE Per hour
Adding servers/services 25$ FREE Per server*
*in case it takes more than 1hr, we consider it a custom job
Load Balanced Web/Mail Cluster Installation 75$ 75$ Per hour
H-Sphere VPS Box Installation 25$ FREE Per hour
Custom Jobs 75$ 75$ Per hour


H-Sphere SSE

Services Prices Notes
License 50$ Monthly, per server
Support FREE Included into monthly fee
Installation 25$ Per server
Upgrade 25$ Per server
Volume Prices 1 50$ Monthly, per server
2 45$
3+ 40$
5+ 35$
50+ 30$
100+ 25$
500+ 20$


MS Exchange

Services Prices Notes
Installation 750$ 2 server setup,
along with MS Exchange, MPS & MPF infrastructure, and its connection to H-Sphere
Extra server + setup 100$ Per server
Additional servers 100$ Per server
Subscription support plan 100$ Monthly
Per-incident support 50$ Per hour



Services Prices Notes
License* 1.50$ One-time fee per user,
with the first minimum pack of 100 users
Installation 75$ Non-refundable, one-time fee;
includes installation of all software necessary for SiteStudio to work properly.
Updates and General Support for 1 year FREE  
after 1 year 20% Of the total licensing fee per year
Update Services 75$ Per server
Migration 75$ Per server
Custom Jobs 25$ Per hour

* H-Sphere owners get SiteStudio for free and update it only with H-Sphere update that includes new version of SiteStudio.


CP+ for VPS

Server Price/Server/Month
1 7.50$
2 6.25$
3+ 5$
5+ 2,5$
50+ 2$
100+ 1,5$
500+ 1$

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