hsphere-update Package Changelog

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Parallels H-Sphere version: 3.0 and up.


Under Private Testing
hsphere-update-2.1-31 (HS 3.1+)

Fixes and improvements:


24 Mar 2009
hsphere-update-2.1-19 (HS 3.0)

Fixes and improvements:



17 Oct 2008
hsphere-update-2.1-17 (HS 3.0), hsphere-update-2.1-29 (HS 3.1)

Fixes and improvements:


29 Jul 2008
hsphere-update-2.1-16 (HS 3.0), hsphere-update-2.1-28(HS 3.1)

Fixes and improvements:

Package included into H-Sphere 3.1 Patch 1


19 Jun 2008
hsphere-update-2.1-15 (HS 3.0), hsphere-update-2.1-27(HS 3.1)

Fixes and improvements:

Package included into H-Sphere System Packages Update


24 Apr 2007

Included additional keys:

Package inluded into H-Sphere System Packages Update



Fixes and improvements:


08 Feb 2007

Fixes and improvements:


Under private testing

Fixes and improvements:


17 Oct 2006

Improvements and Fixes

  • Provided package(s) downgrade to the previous package build for specific logical server or package group
  • Update/install procedure for Load Balanced Web/Mail Clusters
  • Work with /hsphere/local/config/customs/customs.confg file
  • Fixed procedure with editing /etc/resolv.conf file
  • Left only 2 last versions in /hsphere/pkgs of hsphere packages
  • skip hsphere-apache and hsphere-php packages installation/update on DNS and/or CP only boxes

    22 Aug 2006
    hsphere-update-2.1-2 (only for HS 3.0 RC 1+)

    Fixes and improvements:

    Package inluded into H-Sphere 2.5.1 Beta 3


    Under private testing
    hsphere-update-2.1-1 (only for HS 3.0 RC 1+)

    Fixes and improvements:

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