Parallels H-Sphere Licensing

H-Sphere 3.2 introduces licensing through a unified Parallels key administration system.

You will need a new license key if you are going to:

Purchasing and Leasing H-Sphere 3.2

Before installing H-Sphere 3.2, go to to purchase or lease Parallels H-Sphere.

Every new license purchase includes 12 months of Software Update Service (SUS) that entitles you to version upgrade licenses throughout the life of your SUS. You will be required in order to receive further upgrades. All leased license keys (monthly) include SUS.

After a fresh installation, when you first log into the Parallels H-Sphere control panel, you will see the prompt to enter the license from the file. Add the purchased license as described below. After the license has been added successfully, you will see the license details on the License Info page.

Upgrading to H-Sphere 3.2

Before upgrading earlier H-Sphere versions to 3.2, make sure to upgrade your key at

H-Sphere keys can be updated to support newer versions of the software when they are SUS enabled. When the SUS feature of your key is up-to-date, you can perform the upgrade of the key without extra costs. In case you run out of this service, please contact our sales representatives in order to renew/reinstate it.

Warning: Old H-Sphere licenses are incompatible with Parallels licenses! Also, no backward compatibility is provided for Parallels licenses on H-Sphere 3.1 Patch 1 and earlier.

Important: When you upgrade H-Sphere from 3.1 Patch 1 or earlier, you would lose your older license and would not be able to enter your control panel unless you apply a new license. So you must upgrade your license before the upgrade.

To upgrade the license:

  1. Click License Info in the H-Sphere control panel menu.
  2. Add the purchased license key. You have two ways of adding the license key:

After that, you will get the details of the applied key in the page:

Upgrading H-Sphere Accounts

If you want to upgrade the number of accounts that your key holds, you can do that through our online store at